about niklas

Niklas began his photography journey during a stormy November week in Iceland 2016. He instantly fell in love with capturing the raw beauty of nature and back home in Sweden his mind had already been made. The decision to pursue photography was taken and less than a year later Iceland was his new home.

Since that turbulent trip to Iceland two years ago, Niklas has traveled across the continents to explore everything from the snow covered rockies in Canada, to the coral reefs of Maldives. Niklas’s work is highly influenced by his love for the outdoors and most often you will find him in the mountains doing what he loves best, exploring and creating.

This year Niklas will embark on his biggest challenge to date. An expedition that will take him from Iceland to Morocco, from the Arctic to Africa. A two month journey with two friends and a Land Rover, documented through the lense of his camera.

By capturing the extraordinary atmospheric moments in life, Niklas strives to leave his audience awestruck and inspired to nurture our nature. Niklas Söderlund is a self-taught outdoor and commercial photographer based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Selected clients

Bell & Ross, Shure, Toyota , Etnia Barcelona, Einstök, Descended from Odin, Soneva Luxury Resorts, Dr Denim, Sixt, Thrudark, Icelandic Mountain Vodka, House of Creed, Sentier, Hemen Biarritz, Heimat, Raffles, Mini Cooper and many more.

For inquiries please contact hello@niklasnilserik.com